White Owl Canyon - Day Hike from Las Vegas Strip

Coming from the Northeast, I am always fascinated by the colors in the Southwest. Living in a world of four seasons, I would imagine many would assume we get enough colors; reds and orange in the fall, grey in the winter, pinks and yellows in the spring, green grass and blue skies in the summer. This is all true and the four seasons I would argue is what keeps so many people from just up and leaving when another Nor'Easter hits or another month of shoveling takes it toll. I, however, just love the way the blue skies in Nevada goes on for miles and miles contrasting with the burnt reds and browns of the earth. It's so beautiful and pictures do not do these parts of the country any justice. That being said, I've included plenty of pictures. 

The White Owl Canyon is a day hike from the Las Vegas strip and yet when we went it was not busy at all. I have no idea why more people are not out exploring and hiking like us, but then again I like that it's quite and we have nature to ourselves (for the most part). 

The hike is not difficult and I've seen the more expert hikers call it moderate. I would describe it as a nice walk well marked and not hand over foot climbing or using ropes or jumping from rock to rock. To find the parking lot, turn towards the 33 Hole Overlook off Lakeshore Road. We missed the turn, but soon realized it and just turned around. 

Here's a picture from the parking lot. 
From here, it looks like there's no trail. If you walk across this parking lot, there's an old boat ramp on the right side. Walk down the boat ramp and the trail starts from there. I've seen other posts about walking down a steep hill and I can only guess that maybe they didn't see the boat ramp. It has a decline, but it's safe and I couldn't help thinking how much my kids would have loved running around on it. 

As we were walking, we found many seashells broken up along the trail. Seashells in not something you see everyday on a hiking trail in Nevada. Pretty cool! 

One of the biggest draws to this hike would be the tunnels. 

Of course, there's so much to see on the way to the tunnels and back. 

 we climbed up here to take in the view
We saw a group here eating lunch but other than that not a lot of people on the trail

This hike doesn't require much climbing, but somehow my husband found places to climb around

tumble weed

The hike is about 2.2 miles and a nice way to spend time outside. We didn't see any owls, but I think maybe we came too late in the day. I have heard you have better luck in the early morning hours. 


  1. This looks like such a fun trip! So glad you both enjoyed the hike, thank you for sharing!!!


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