Top 7 Vegas Packing List

What to Pack for Vegas: Top 7

7 is a lucky number and we are talking about Vegas so of course I had to make this the Top 7, not 10! 

#1 A well-packed purse - For the guys, you can use a wallet and pockets or ask your lady for some assistance in carrying these things.

 * Your license
 * Chapstick
 * Sunglasses
 * Headphones for the plane
 * Snack for the plane
 * Water! You need to drink water!
* If you get motion sickness, seabands work wonders for me. You can find them in most stores in the aisle with the other #IDon'tWantToVomitVacation medicines.

#2 Money - Maybe this could be in the purse category, but it's so important it is listed separately.

* Remember to include small bills to tip at the airport, the driver, the bell service at the hotel and anyone else who helps you arrive at your destination
* Credit card to leave on file at the front desk and in case of emergencies

Money Tips:

** I like to divide my money into envelopes for each day I'm there. I know others use this method too and it seems to work well for budgeting. If you're going to use this idea, bring a few envelopes.

** Keep your money in the safe in your room.

** When walking the strip, use a crossbody bag or a string bag on your back to keep everything safe and secure. For the guys, wallets in the front pocket.

#3 Entertainment:

* Download games, shows, movies on your phone or device for the plane ride unless you fly JetBlue which has TVs on every seat.
* Seeing a show in Vegas and it's already booked? Bring the confirmation number or printed tickets if that's required.
* Phone with downloaded apps (Mlife/plane app/Groupon), phone charger

#4 Clothes:

Lets do the obvious first:  * T-shirts  * Shorts

Then this:
 * A cute summer dress or long flowing skirt
 * Swimwear
 * Clothes that are not too tight, breathable and flowing is more comfortable in the heat of Vegas.
 * Believe it or not, even in the summer you might want a wrap or light sweater. To be honest, I carry one with me everywhere I go because the AC is blasting in the casinos and I shiver.
 * People have their own unique styles and it is fun to watch and see everyone from dirty t-shirt guy to glamor-girl. Bring clothes that you wouldn't wear anywhere else or are fun to wear but you have no where to wear it at home. Anything goes in Vegas!

# 5 Shoes - Shoes deserve their own category because of the importance. Bring a couple of pairs and use these tips: 

* A comfortable pair of shoes. It is a must! Ugly, bulky, dirty.. whatever, you are going to thank yourself for bringing these shoes!
 * A cute pair of shoes/dress shoes - If you're going to a nightclub or an expensive dinner, dressing up is part of the Vegas glitz and glam
* Sandals and remember to apply sunscreen to the tops of your feet.

# 6 Medicine Cabinet

 * Already mentioned (but worth bringing up again) is chapstick. It is a dry heat in Vegas and your lips will suffer without some protection.
 * Sunscreen. It's a must. Do it and do it often. There you go.
 * Nasal Spray (again dry heat)
 * Headache medicine/Advil
 * Vitamin B (works great to help with preventing the hangovers. Take before going to bed and hopefully you'll feel fresh in the morning)
 * bandaids (small, perhaps for your heals when you didn't want to wear those comfy shoes and thought that Caesar's was close to the Bellagio so heals would be fine)

Frankly, there is a CVS or Walgreens everywhere now on the strip so if you forget anything no worries. If you need clothes, a new bag, purse or whatever there are plenty of places to shop!

#7 Toiletries - Resorts supply the basics here, but if you are like me and want to bring your own, here's what you need to know:

* Hairdryer (the resort has this, they all do)
* Brush, hair ties, accessories, etc.
* Lotion (resort supplies this too, but sometimes I think theirs is sticky and I'd prefer my own)
*The Usual Suspects: lady products, deodorant, tooth brush, paste, soap, and your own shampoo/conditioner if you don't want to use the hotel supply.

Did I forget anything? Maybe, but just remember as long as you have an ID and some cash you will get me to my favorite place - Las Vegas!

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  1. I’m going to have to add masks to the list - mandated as of June 2020


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