The Park MGM

The Park MGM

Have you been to Monte Carlo in Vegas lately? Well, it's not the Monte Carlo anymore. It's The Park MGM.
Inside the Monte Carlo Summer 2012 (now The Park MGM)

The Monte Carlo was beautiful with fountains and statues at the main entrance on the strip. As much as I miss the fountains and statues, I do like most of the changes. It is convenient to walk from NYNY to The Park aka Monte Carlo. You can easily walk across from one property to the next which is great for us because these are two of our favorite properties.

Yes, that is snow! This is a picture on the strip from February 2019. Once your eyes get beyond the snow, you can see that this walkway is still a work in progress. Always sometime new because Vegas is always changing.

Between NYNY and The Park MGM is The Park. There are new restaurants inside and out, a giant arena, and a fun area outside to sit, eat, chat, walk, and just enjoy being with the one you love.

I love this statue. She's in other blogs of mine too because she's beautifully dancing like no one is watching. This statue is found between NYNY and The Park. You can see the arena behind her.

There's a store dedicated to Nutella! If Nutella isn't your thing, there are plenty of food choices inside including Eataly.

The Monte Carlo always had the most beautiful flower arrangements. By tradition, I would take a picture every time we stayed there. Now that The Park has a green, earthy theme the flowers seem to follow the same color patterns.
The arrangement at the check-in 2019 

The Park continues to change and add while staying open. Anyone who has been to Vegas knows how talented these hotel workers are in moving walls and rearranging casino tables while renovations are happening. This is the hallway at The Park as you enter the casino from the Starbucks and elevator area. By the time we go back, I wonder if those painted walls will be gone and the arches will be entrances to another area of the casino. I'll update this blog after this summer's trips!
The hallway on the guest room floors. Green, green, green.. by the time you've arrived to this picture I'm sure you've noticed the color pattern. Not our favorite and the reviews on social media have not been kind to this decision. Perhaps they can add something to make it less blah.


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