Couples: Living In the Moment in Vegas

Take a lot of pictures, but not so many pictures you miss living the moment together... 

I love taking pictures in Vegas. If you've never been before, you'll stop at every corner, on every walk-over bridge, and in the middle of all of the action just to capture another amazing image. Now that we've been many times, I admit we sometimes forget to capture the moments on the camera. 

After a day that begins at 5 and ends after midnight, we crawl back to our room, kick off the shoes, and realize that we didn't take one picture all day. That's ok. Our memories are built on living in the moment. Sometimes we are just loving every minute so much that we forget to grab the phone/camera. 

Couple's Shirts

Yup, these could be called silly, stupid, awesome.. yup awesome! There are so many things we do in Vegas that we can't do anywhere else so why not include funny couple shirts!  I don't care that they are silly. And, the best part, my husband doesn't seem to care either! These are the moments when he does not mind wearing these shirts. We don't do this every time we go, but when I do make them we have a great time showing them off! 

These shirts say "Together Since 2008" 

I love coming up with fun, interesting ideas for these shirts, but sometimes I run out of ideas. If you have any ideas you'd be willing to share, I'd love for you to comment on this post with your ideas. I'll be sure to post a picture if we use your idea. Happy Travels! 


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