Enjoy New Hampshire, Jackson Falls

In a world that is fast moving, this is a moment of joy. A moment to relax and enjoy each other.

Next time you visit the White Mountains and North Conway area, consider adding Jackson Falls
to your list of places to see.

Jackson Falls, although well-known to locals, seems less well-known to those visiting the area.
Santa’s Village, the Saco River, outlet shopping, and Zebs all deserve to be on the must see list
and so should Jackson Falls.

Small kids. Teens hard to please. A young couple in love. Generations of family and friends.
Jackson Falls is a fun afternoon for everyone.

Jackson center includes a quaint library, restaurant called Yesterday’s, and a small school with soccer
fields and a gazebo across the street. There is parking across from the school and when we parked
there we just had a nice, quiet walk over a small cross over bridge and then up the hill to the falls.
This is on sidewalks so it is a safe walk, but families with small children should consider parking at the
Falls since the hill can be exhausting. Although, if you’re like me and like to wear out your little ones in
the fresh air, then take on the challenge of the hill and make it part of your visit.

Once at the falls, enjoy walking on large rock hopping over puddles of water and collecting from
the waterfall. Depending on the time of year, the water level will differ. In the Fall, there are waterfalls
and the rock is well exposed so visitors can explore quite a bit along the rocks. In the Spring, the water
is abundant from the melted snow and visitors can still enjoy the sounds and sites of falling water, but
there might be less exposed rock and more wading toes. In the summer, kick off the shoes and bring
a towel.


  1. Wow! This looks so pretty. I don't think I'll be in New Hampshire anytime soon but this would definitely be a spot to see.


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