Going Up! Riding the High Roller in Vegas

Going Up, Vegas Style

I am afraid of heights. Really afraid. I just don't like to be up high and I certainly don't like to look down and yet one of my most talked about adventures in Las Vegas is when my husband and I rode the tallest ferris wheel. Usually, if my kids and husband convince me to ride a roller coaster after constant nagging and sweet talking, it's a miracle and they have to promise not to laugh at me. A couple of years ago they convinced me to ride the Disney Snow White roller coaster and I insisted on sitting with my little girl so I could hold her hand. In reality, I knew she would hold my hand! Call it wimpy, call it smart but in truth it takes a lot to get my feet to leave the ground.

Where is it?
If you don't know, the High Roller in Vegas is located behind the Linq. This is a nice, new area of the strip full of  unique shops, restaurants, bars, and fun oversized games like Jenga and Bean-Bag toss. At the end of the walkway, there stands the 550 foot tall ferris wheel. The High Roller opened in early 2014 and is the world's tallest ferris wheel.

Just for fun, let's think about what 550 feet means. What else is 550 feet? St Paul's Cathedral in London is about 550 feet tall and so is The Washington Monument. In fact, the High Roller is 107 feet taller than the London Eye. Incredible.

Just the idea of being this high off the ground is be both exhilarating and terrifying.. awesome right?!

The Facts: 
The ride is about 30 minutes in length and is a constant smooth moving ride. Inside the pod, or bubble as we like to call it, there are seats and plenty of room to stand. It is floor to ceiling glass so the views are amazing. We went at night because we love looking at Vegas lit up at night. (Obviously we are not alone in our preference considering the price is higher at night.)

You can find ticket booths on the side walk area near the Linq and buy tickets there. Tickets are a different price depending on what time of day you ride. The day tickets are cheaper and around $25 compared to the night tickets which were $37 at last check. Children are allowed and under 6 is free. If you are looking for a deal, try using your player's card. When my brother and my aunt signed up for a Total Rewards player's card (the card is free), they were given two free tickets to ride the High Roller. If you don't have a player's card yet, you can easily find the player's card desk inside any Caesar's property and inquire about the card and High Roller tickets.

Also checking Groupon and other coupon websites is worth it.

Need Liquid Courage?
There are Happy Hour offers. During the day ride with an open bar, you can ride for about $40. If you prefer a night ride with a bar it will cost you around $52. Again, check Groupon for deals on this.

So, how was it really?

Ok, well I've already told you about my fears of heights so it should be no surprise that this was a scary experience for me. My husband and I were scared beyond belief. I think we sat holding hands not saying anything except "I want off" in soft, embarrassed whispers from the moment we left the platform in the pod to the top. There was another woman in the pod with us who was also scared and then a group of women who had too much to drink and were jumping up and down and laughing like they were trying to win a contest for most obnoxious rider. Even up in the air, people watching is memorable in Vegas. As soon as we reached the top, you can watch a TV screen that tracks how high you are in the air and when you're coming back down, we were fine. Strange, but from the minute I knew we were coming back down, I was breathing normally, smiling, and standing looking out enjoying the views.

I think this is one of the attractions everyone should try, even those afraid of heights. It's amazing, safe, and really one of the best ways to see Vegas lit up at night. It was a one-and-done for us, but a great adventure nonetheless.

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  1. I would be terrified too! :) but soundslike a great experience !!

  2. It is a terrifying experience for sure, but what a memory! :) I will definitely do it if I ever get there. Especially during the night, when everything is illuminated... wonderful! :)

    1. My daughter went this summer with my in-laws and loved it! She was 10 at the time.


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