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Mother’s Day Run

 I run to be… This is Mother’s Day weekend and I am running. This is my first step to, what would be realized on mile 3, my humble run.  People ask so often Why do you run? and the answer always comes to me in the moment. After the muscles warm up, the music becomes old and just noise, the mind can open and today my mind flips to the page titled Mother’s Day.  As if the chapter begins with the conversation I had moments before about the stress of this weekend, all the questions flood the pages in my mind. What will we do? How will the kids behave? How much time can I really relax? Is there enough hours in one day to see all the mothers in our lives and still get to the grocery store, load the dishes, and rotate laundry? Do we really have a lacrosse game on Mother’s Day?  A run changes so quickly and so often; one minute the wind is pushing and causing the need to gasp air to breathe and with just a quick turn the same gusts of wind are propelling a runner’s legs through a new PR. A roa

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