Top 15: Packing List for Vegas

Packing for Vegas

Top 15 Items to pack for Vegas

1. Money: You need cash and you need small bills. You'll be tipping from the moment your vacation begins so it is always a good idea to have a few small bills. Bring some empty envelopes too so you can divide up your daily gambling money and save yourself from going to an ATM.

Tip: Bring a credit card to use for the room charge when you check-in. I also bring a credit card for emergencies. 

I plan, but I'm not crazy. I know I won't stick to it 100% and that doesn't bother me at all. I have plans so I have options. 

2. A plan: This is so controversial you can find any and all opinions on this, but I like to have a plan. Actually, I love planning my trips. Planning makes the time up to going on vacation seem to go by faster. I also like having a plan so I can save money. I use Groupon and Living Social and I use the MyVegas games to plan out a few shows and restaurants. There are restrictions, such as dark days for shows or not using MyVegas deals on holidays, so I like to plan out these details. Tip: Part of my planning is also downloading the apps that you may need including Groupon and Lyft and writing down any confirmation numbers just in case the phone dies or you can't access confirmation emails, etc. 

Everything looks close... until you start walking. 
Bring the right shoes or you'll be miserable. 

3. A sling bag or cross-body purse (or both): When walking around Vegas, my husband does not want to carry my money, phone, player's cards, chapstick, and sunglasses. I mean, why would he want to do that and carry his own stuff. I do not want to carry a purse and a standard shoulder purse is not safe. (We saw a woman mugged by a man running up behind her and taking her purse off her shoulder.) I like to have a sling bag because I can carry everything mentioned and a water bottle and even a light sweater. The air conditioning is on full blast in the summer and I like having a light sweater or wrap with me. On the days we are going to see a show, I do not bring a sling bag but rather opt for the cross body purse. Tip: Most shows won't allow you to bring in a bag for security reasons, but a purse is fine. 

4. Skin Protection: You need sunscreen, chapstick, and even a hat is good idea in the summer time. Did you know the tops of your feet burn easily? Yup, it is true. Lather up and use the sunscreen. If you don't have a checked bag, be careful to follow the rules on the size of sunscreen.

Tip: I buy my sunscreen at CVS or Walgreen on the strip when I arrive. I go through a normal sized bottle or have very little left over after a week in July so buying one is just easier. I don't have to worry about bringing only three ounces. 

5. Sneakers and Flip Flops: Sneakers are a must. You just can't deny that you need good shoes in Vegas. There's so much walking. Even if you use ride share, the tram, or the bus you're going to be walking a lot.

Bring the sneakers. You won't regret it. 

In the summer, I love wearing flip flops. Living in New England, flip flop wearing is like a right to passage; I survived winter so now I'm wearing flip flops. If you're going to Vegas, you need a good pair of flip flops with padding and cushion. I love my Nike pair and my husband has a pair from Adidas. Note: Those cushions smell when wet so if you go during the summer bring another not cushioned pair of flip flops for the pools. 

6. Clothes with flow: Obviously you need to bring clothes so I'm not putting that in the list. So, my clothing tip worthy of mentioning - Ladies, you need to bring summer dresses that do not stick to your body. During the day, a summer dress is perfect.

7. Tech Necessities: You need your chargers for the phone, iwatch, and whatever else you can't live without. I carry my charger with me and charge up at the newer slot machines. I also have a portable battery that I love. Headphones for the airplane if a must too. 
Sunglasses are a must! 

8. Sunglasses. A must. Get a great pair and buy two. Be sure to bring them everywhere. 

9. A night on the town outfit: Even if you don't go to clubs or fancy restaurants, you want to bring a nice pretty dress and some cute shoes for one fancy, romantic, or girl's-on-the-town night. If you don't wear it, that's fine but at least you were prepared.

Tip: If you planning on wearing cute heals at night, buy a pair of cheap ballerina slippers to put on after. You can find these at the drug stores on the strip or at home before you leave. Please don't be one of those girls walking around with no shoes.  It's cute at your cousin's wedding, but not in Vegas. Yuck. Gross. Regret. 

10. A pillow for the flight home. You're going to be exhausted after your vacation. 

11. Bathing suits. Bring one or two that's up to you. A cover-up too. 

12. A plastic bag for your dirty clothes. This will keep the dirty from the clean when you pack up to go back home. 

13. T-shirts and shorts: Comfy clothes. Walking, eating, gambling, and having a great time so why not be comfortable. If you're traveling in the summer, a few extra t-shirts is always a good idea. It's hot! 

Of course if you don't go in the summer, you should plan for cooler weather.
This is the snow that fell in Vegas February 2019

14. Bathroom Necessities: Advil, cold medicine, tums, q-tips, bandaid, nail clippers in addition to soap, conditioners, and finally any other medicine you may need. I know there's drug stores everywhere on the strip, but to me it is worth it to bring these just in case especially since none of it takes a lot of space in my bag. 

15. License, Plane Tickets: Obvious, right? I went to Vegas once and didn't know my license expired until I was carded at Caesar's. Check and double check so you have no worries and only happiness in Sin City. 

So there you go. My top 15 in no particular order. Please comment and let me know what you would add.

Have a great time! 


  1. These are good reminders! I will use them when I go back to Vegas in June :)


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