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Vegas 2020 Valentine’s Day

Day 3- Valentine’s Day

“Nothin’ but a Hallmark money maker” Relax. It is just an inside joke between me and my husband. We don’t exchange gifts for each other because we go to Vegas together!

Not a lot of pictures today or details. Enjoyed the sun and time together! Venetian ate at the Grande Luxe - delicious and fun people watching ( gluten free menu too) Mirage (pic) played slots and had some drinks, craps was up and down  A beautiful relaxing day!

Vegas Trip Report 2020 Day 1-2

Day 1 Travel all night, long flight and thankful we got extra leg room at the last minute. Should have got mint but can’t always live like that. If you have never flown mint with Jetblue you have to try it!  Arrived after a longer than usual flight exhausted. This is trip 21 so I know my husband and despite it being our first night (morning technically) when he says he’ll stay up but “at home it is almost 4 am” we are going to settle in. So we checked in at the VIP desk without any issues and made our way to bed. Three hours later I am up and awake. Yup that’s 4 am Vegas time, but 7 at home so I am up. This is our normal I think to myself  as I sneak around the room trying not to wake hubby. I get my butt down stairs for coffee and baileys and enjoy some quiet playtime. I love being up this early. This is my favorite time of day; bartenders are friendly, attentive, and other people that are up either never went to bed and are by far loud enough for everyone and hilarious in their drunke…