In times like these, where are the adventures?

 It's incredibly difficult to find adventures in today's Covid world. Perhaps things can happen with a little extra time between daily chores or during stolen time uninterrupted in the car yesterday; things like the memories of adventures of childhood Christmas' trips squeezing their way back to the front of my thoughts, leaping to my eyes creating a sparkle, and to my lips unknowingly creating the half moon smile of content for a few minutes or more. 

My grandma will never know and perhaps it's time to tell my Djadjki the stories of Christmas past. A time when we children packed into our station wagon only slightly bigger than a sedan with pillows and blankets piled to the car ceiling, stocking feet tucked under ourselves for carefully placed pies and cookies were on the floor, luggage and bags and pre-wrapped gifts creating walls everywhere, and anticipation and resistance lingered on for four long hours. This was a time of Christmas music on the car radio or no radio at all. There was no music on demand, car tv's or dvds, no ipads, iphones, ipods, or ianything. This was a time of yellow walkman cassette players with spare batteries packed and headphones with cushions that fell off. This was a time when children were quiet and tired, overworked parents sat together talking or in silence and maybe perhaps with the feelings of the Christmas spirit, would be spied occasionally holding hands. 

These were trips that do not warrant full posts on adventure blogs. Car trips from one state to the next where just what anyone would expect. There was one stop bathroom breaks and "how much longer" questions until the cow's came home. Well, in fact, once we spotted the big red barn we knew we were closer. 

The car ride was never truly the adventure. Sure as a kid it was the packing, the seatbelt stabbing your back trying to lie down on a bench seat, or driving everyone crazy with questions, but that was never the adventure. That ride was the beginning, and the end, of yearly Christmas adventures to Grandma's. A place where floorboards creak on old blue steps and where Grandma stops everything to greet us with ahhhs and hugs and where Grandpa's shuffle follows right behind his words "Hellllooo there" with hugs to follow. Just like that, long car ride forgotten and replaced with baking cookies, arranging presents, playing the piano, and being together.  

Thankful for all of the past adventures. Thankful for these memories taking me on this adventure (again). 


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