Vegas for Families: Adventuredome

Adventuredome at Circus Circus
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Let’s just get any concerns or preconceived ideas about this first. I admit, I was a little concerned about going to Adventuredome. Is it clean? Is it old and showing it’s age and is it worth it to go there? Well, I was pleasantly surprised by this area for the kids. It’s clean, well organized, and so much fun! This is cheaper than going to our local fair or another park and my kids has a great time. My kids are 10 and 15. There were rides for them to do together and separately.

Photo opportunity outside the Venetian 

We walked to Adventuredome from The Signature which most people won’t want to do in July. If you do, be prepared to stop along the way and take pictures. It’s a wonderful joy watching the kids taking in all thats around them: people, buildings, fancy cars, etc. We even saw a TV show being filmed and got to randomly “walk through”. How cool!

Crew filming a tv show outside the Venetian 

Not interested in walking? There’s a bus stop right at Circus Circus curb and there’s parking.

We arrived at 10:30 and it was not crowded at all. It opens at 10. My advice is to get there at 10 or close because by 11 is was definitely getting crowded. By 2, it was packed!

There are coupons now at DQ for $5 off and there was someone on the street by NYNY handing out coupons too. So for unlimited rides for two we spent  under $60. Also, the unlimited wrist band is good for all day so you can come and go until midnight. Also, parents don’t have to pay to be in there if just watching and supervising.

 Rides: one open roller coaster and lots of rides for little kids and big kids. A lot of arcade games and fair-type games. You can pay $7 to get into the ultimate arcade and play endless games. My kids loves that.

There are some things not included with the ride fee like mini golf. You can also pay for each ride individually but at $6 a ride if you’re going to ride more than 5 times get the unlimited wrist band.



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