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Vegas For Families: Valley of Fire

Vegas for families: Valley of Fire 
We ventured off to Valley of Fire this trip so the kids could experience it. Remember to go early if you’re like us and go in the summer!  Valley of Fire is about an hour drive with one gas station stop/casino/store. Stop there if you need gas because you won’t have another chance for gas in the valley. You should also stop there because it’s unique, gifts, bathroom, and it’s interesting. 
All of the adults had been before (a first for the kids), but this is a place you can visit numerous times and it is still amazing! There are so many things to see and different trails.  Best parts: I watched the kids climb around ( no pics of climbs because I’m mom-spotting from below every time). We found many lizards because it is still early and the kids hunted for snakes although we have a variety of feelings about finding a snake! We saw the petroglyphs again which is awesome too and elephant rock of course!  For pictures

Solo and So Deserved

Morning Breakfast: When solo you can eat anywhere YOU want. Eat at the bar and have a casual conversation with the bartender, the other solos, watch TV, or spend a few minutes doing nothing but sipping on coffee. Enjoy. 

America's at New York New York Las Vegas

New at New York New York in The Park

Everyone is enjoying The Knights success

Although sad to see the old Monte Carlo go, I'm getting adjusted to the new resort and I'm loving the area referred to as The Park. Eat, drink, play games, sit and relax. 

I had to get a picture of this! 

Fashion Show Mall stairs recently painted like a rainbow. Enjoy the AC of the mall if the day's heat is getting to you, but be warned it's easy to get lost in there. 

Excalibur Pool - one of them

Gluten Free pizza at PBR Rock Bar in Planet Hollywood

El Segundo's - at Fashion Show Mall - Happy Hour is 4-7pm

Beautiful day and night

A new cross over bridge between The Park and the other side of the street


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