Summer 2019 Family Camping

Family Camping

Ever try convincing a hotel to let you have 5 people in one room? You know you can fit. Your children can sleep 2 on a bed and one snug between you and your hubby. It's doable according to any traveling family who can't imagine allowing two kids to be in a room alone in a hotel room while the adults are occupying a separate room. Besides, two rooms is expensive!  This was one of our inspirations for finding a way to vacation as a family of 5 without breaking the bank or separating the family into two. 
Snuggles outside, this is family time at its best!
NH Camping

Camping allows for a lot of time outside. Besides hanging by the fire, playing frisbee or ring toss, we also love to get in the water. We pick campsites carefully and make sure they provide a water source ie pool, lake, pond, river. My family prefers the campsite on the river like Saco River in NH or the pond in Wareham. 

Maple Park Campground, MA

 At Maple Park in Wareham, MA the campsite rents paddle boards and kayaks. Although not cheap, still less expensive than buying one unless you are seasonal or going to rent a lot. 
Renting some toys at a campground in NH

 Sand castles - adults, teens, and my little one got involved - and we won! 
 Another family favorite at campsites is something referred to as "mining". We've seen this at a few places now and my kids enjoy finding the rocks.

Eating! Yup your kids will eat a lot of food! Pack wisely and if you forget anything stop at the snack shack or camping store. There's always coffee and candy to hold everyone until s'mores.. I mean dinner. 

Disclaimer: These thoughts are my own and I am not affiliated with any campground.


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