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The Best Four Days in Vegas

The Best Plan With Four Days in Vegas 
Fly in on a Wednesday night. If you come from the east coast like us, you'll arrive starving. Forget the idea that you'll be tired when you arrive; you won't be when you pick up your bags and feel that southwest night air. You'll be wide awake by the time you see the lights of the strip.

We always stay near NYNY so our first stop is there. Go grab some late night dinner (or breakfast) at America's in NYNY Casino. We love this place. There's an amazing 3D map of the United States to look at as you marvel at the fact that "I'm in Vegas!" They have breakfast all day, a late night menu, gluten free options, and delicious desserts.

After a good meal, walk right over to the piano bar. Wednesday nights are quiet so sit down and relax at the bar slots, throw in a $20, and have a drink or two.

Leave NYNY out the exit by the Zumanity Theatre and take some pictures there with the Zumanity props. It's fun. This exit …

Sedona: Castles in the Rain

First time in Sedona. Anticipating beautiful colors, day long hikes, and exploring at least one vortex I keep reading about. All week before the flight, I am watching the weather. Rain 60%...rain with clouds… then rain 90%.... I am not happy, worried my trip 6 months in the making was going to be ruined. Despite what seemed to be the worst news, my husband assured me each day “It will be fine.”

Oh my gosh it can rain here. The sound is now the sound of Sedona for me. Peaceful yet annoying all at the same time. And then while driving in conditions causing flash flood warnings all over the state, I remember how my aunt once gave me a card that said that all too familiar line “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” I thought, smiled and said to myself: When Sedona gives your rain, make a poncho.” The skills of an independent latch-key little girl suddenly sprung into action (with a quick trip to the store) and the garbage bag ponchos came to fruition.
Turns out these bags also help protect my sling bag with my phone and money safely tucked
in and dry.

From Phoenix to Sedona, knowing a long hike in Sedona was no longer in our daily plan, we took a detour and stopped at the Montezuma Castle. It’s an amazing castle in a wall that was built around 1200 AD. We learned so much about this amazing structure and the native people who lived and worked here. This is a must see.

Tip: Be sure to visit the gift shop and bring money to take a walk through the park and see the castle. ($10 per person)

An entire village of people lived here. They thrived here using their skills to farm, trade, and create these structures.

Despite the rain, we took our time to learn about the castle and to enjoy Mother Nature. We sure don’t have these in southern Massachusetts.

To our surprise, beautiful sycamore trees can be found here. Even more amazing, sycamores were used in the structure of the roofs in this castle and you can still see some of the beams if you look closely.

In the end, we had an amazing time. Wet, yes. Disappointed, no.

And perhaps the best part of the day was remembering that whether life gives you lemons or rain, make the best of your day in whatever way makes you happy!
Disclaimer: These are my personal experiences thoughts and opinions


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