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Vegas For Families: Valley of Fire

Vegas for families: Valley of Fire 
We ventured off to Valley of Fire this trip so the kids could experience it. Remember to go early if you’re like us and go in the summer!  Valley of Fire is about an hour drive with one gas station stop/casino/store. Stop there if you need gas because you won’t have another chance for gas in the valley. You should also stop there because it’s unique, gifts, bathroom, and it’s interesting. 
All of the adults had been before (a first for the kids), but this is a place you can visit numerous times and it is still amazing! There are so many things to see and different trails.  Best parts: I watched the kids climb around ( no pics of climbs because I’m mom-spotting from below every time). We found many lizards because it is still early and the kids hunted for snakes although we have a variety of feelings about finding a snake! We saw the petroglyphs again which is awesome too and elephant rock of course!  For pictures

Top 5 Bonuses on Slot Machines

Slot players love bonuses! 

Here's a list of 5 games we love to play just based on the bonus games. Having fun while winning money is the name of the game.

In no particular order:

1. Simpsons Slot Machine: Double seater (already a plus), three screen slot machine with a variety of bonuses. There's a random monorail bonus, donut bonus, and bonus based on your favorite character appearing in all four corners of the game. This is a colorful and noisy machine. Plus, what could be more fun than hearing Homer antagonizing the player to hit the button and making the infamous "Doh".

2. Buffalo: One of the most popular games with slot players. There are many versions of this game from one screen old games to giant large screen game with two seaters and then there is a four screen versions with a mix of buffalo and other classics. On this newer version, this is what the player is hoping for along with hoping to get the grand prize won by a spin when you trigger the bonus. The grand prize is in the thousands. Downside is the bet is split four ways so the regular bonus is not typically a high money win.

3. The Walking Dead: Why? Because it is awesome. Random bonuses and win bonuses through spinning a wheel which can potentially produce more wheels and more wins. The zombies appear and thanks to technology the zombies seem to come at the player in 3D (I sometimes close my eyes, and my husband laughs at me). This is a fun machine.

4. Rolling Stones: You pick the song to listen to as you spin to win. The extra large tongue producing Licky Stickies is our favorite part. This game can be found in almost all casinos and overall it is a fun game with random wins and a favorite.

5. The Big Bang Theory: A fun, four screen game with random bonus (Atomic Bonus) and a larger wheel bonus. The wheel spins automatically and there are bonus games based on each character. This is a fun game especially if you like the show.

Bonus: Marilyn Monroe's game singing "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" is a favorite of mine. The bonus rounds are fun and I love listening to her sing. I'm drawn to games with diamonds. I can't be alone because there are diamond games everywhere! There is a progressive bonus that pays if you hit five or more diamonds during a regular game. There are also the regular bonus. The regular bonus includes a wheel that spins and I always want the free spins option. During the free spins, you can win more free spins. I've found this game in the Monte Carlo (now The Park MGM) and the Mirage. It's just one of those games that makes you smile because of Marilyn and diamonds and, hopefully, because there are bonuses.

Disclaimer: These are my opinions.


  1. We learned years ago to limit ourselves to $40 max for those darned slot machines! My husband is from Las Vegas, so we’re there often. I love the old fashioned coin slot machines, but found that we would win, like, $20 off a quarter game, but end up spending it all back—plus some—trying to win more. Now that we have a $40 limit, I don’t get as frustrated nor as carried away. Thanks for reminding me of fun times! 😀

    1. Sometimes I’ll go to Circus Circus to play the old quarter machines. It’s fun compared to just a slip of paper.


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