Eating Gluten Free In Vegas: Buffets and Happy Hours

Traveling to Vegas: Eating Gluten Free at Buffets and Happy Hours

When I first starting vacationing in Vegas with my husband, we were both eating whatever and wherever we wanted. Then, 6 years ago, I was told I have an allergy to wheat and my only option was a gluten free diet. Here are my favorite, inexpensive places to eat which are also approved by my gluten-loving husband.


My husband loves the buffet. This is a tricky compromise because there's the risk of people mixing gluten and non-gluten silverware. Here are my two suggested buffets. We've eaten here a lot and I've never been sick after eating at these two places. (I just said never...hopefully not jinxing myself here)

Craving at the Mirage is a buffet we have enjoyed pre and post gluten diagnosis. This is your health so speak up and ask the host or one of the cooks to speak to a chef about what is gluten free and what is not. The chef will give you a quick tour which is very helpful. Don't be shy about this. You don't want to be sick on vacation!

Quick Tour:
The buffet area is enormous and can be overwhelming so here's a quick guide on what to skip and what to look at - 
Italian Display - Don't bother. I have yet to find gluten free pasta or pizza at a buffet in Vegas. 

Mexican  - Ask and be sure they are corn chips, not flour. Also ask if the meat is seasoned.

Salad bar - yes, just be careful with the dressings. Be sure to ask the chef during your tour. 

Carving Station  -yes! 

Breakfast omelettes made to order - yes! 

Sandwich area - yes! They do offer gluten free bread and a designated toaster! Surprising, I know! 

Buffet Dessert- yes!

While my husband indulges in the variety of cookies, cakes, brownies, etc. I can have a dessert too. There are gluten free desserts here! Every time we have visited this buffet, there is at least one dessert labeled gluten free. Typically it is a pastry of some kind and I am not a pastry lover, but it's nice to know there's the option. Honestly, I am usually full by the time we get to dessert. 

Besides food, the buffet offers endless soft drinks, juices, tea, and coffee. 

Money Tip: Try saving some money and purchase a 2 for 1 Buffet using the myvegas app.  
This is at an Mlife property so you can charge this to your room. Also, you will gain points by eating at an Mlife restaurant so do not throw away your receipt. If you are not an MLife member, find the MLife desk before eating at the buffet and ask for a player's card. It's free. 

The Aria Buffet 

The Aria buffet is expensive. There are gluten free options and more seafood options than Cravings. However, since I am from the east coast and have plenty of good seafood at home, I prefer Cravings. I like the price and the atmosphere at Cravings better. Since the Aria and Mirage are both MGM properties don't be surprised when you see many of the same exact offerings. 

Reminder: This is at an Mlife property so you can charge this to your room. Also, you will gain points by eating at an Mlife restaurant so do not throw away your receipt. 

Beyond the Buffets

The buffet compromise between me and my husband is good for one meal only. So, where else do we eat gluten free?

Happy Hours

El Segundo's at the Fashion Show Mall

I love, love, love a good deal and just because I have a diet restriction doesn't mean I have to spend a lot of money so why not jump on the happy hour train. All Aboard! 

Our favorite happy hour is at El Segundo's at the Fashion Show Mall. I don't think we have gone to the Fashion Show Mall for shopping, ever. It's all about the food. 

Unlike many happy hours on the strip, this happy hour is 7 days a week. From 4pm-7pm you can get great deals on drinks and food. The menu consists of tacos, quesadillas, chips and drinks on the happy hour includes beer, sangria, margaritas, well drinks, shots. Try the red sangria - awesome. 
There's homemade guacamole and different types of salsas which are perfect for a bar snack. 

There are two bars here and never over crowded. The bartenders are friendly and the managers bring out our gluten free plates. Awesome!

Tacos and Tequilla at The Luxor 

Way on the other end of the strip is our other favorite happy hour. 
This favorite happy hour is upstairs in the Luxor at Tacos and Tequilla. This happy hour is 2-5pm Monday-Friday. My husband's favorite is the wings and I get the nachos with steak. Delicious. The drinks are amazing too. Again, this is a fun atmosphere bar with wonderfully friendly bar tenders and never really crowded. Since this is upstairs, you are away from the ding-ding-ding of the casino yet close enough you won't have to walk far to join in any of the action. Actually, you're just an escalator ride away.

Tip: This is at a Mlife property so you can charge this to your room. Also, you will gain points by eating at a Mlife restaurant so do not throw away your receipt. 

Disclaimer: These are my thoughts and opinions. Please remember this is my experience with food and my allergy. If you have an allergy, you should always check with the restaurant before eating there.


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